Inspired to Action

The Immaturity

I was popular in my very, very big Texas high school. Not the most popular girl because I wasn’t actually cool. I had a veggie tales Bible cover, wore headgear for a short period of time, didn’t know that girls were supposed to pluck their eyebrows, and I was the only cheerleader not having sex with football players or partying on the weekends with the rest of the cool people.

So take that back, I wasn’t popular, I was just very well known.

It’s quite embarrassing now to think back to ALL the things I attempted with such innocent vigor and excitement in high school. I was a teachers dream and the fodder for a lot of jokes by people my own age. Miss high school. I wanted to do anything and everything. As a result, I pretty much knew everyone in the school. The dorks, the jocks, the cafeteria lady, the choir peeps, the cheerleaders, the drama group, the smart people and the intellectually challenged…you name them, I knew them somehow.

And that led me to one of the most pivotal moments in my life...

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