I am standing in the security line when I bend over to get something at the same moment a very big man across from me bends over. I look up to see none other than...Terrell Owens!!! T.O.!!!

To which I brilliantly replied in a whisper, trying to keep it a secret just between he and I, "OH MY GOSH YOU ARE TERRELL OWENS!!!!!!!!"

I think he knew this. Did no one else know? Why hadn't anyone approached him? I mean, he his not hard to miss. Anyways. He asked me why I was in a different line than him, I said I was a gold member, he said he was too, and he came over to my line. He asked how I was a gold member, I told him I was in a band and we travel a lot. He asked, what band??? I sported out Addison Road!!! Jeff was in line with me and was fast acting on the camera and got a picture of us.

As one of my guy friends said after receiving the picture through a text message..."You are the luckiest Cowboy fan I know."

For real. I am the luckiest Cowboy fan in the world. Now I just need tickets to the games. What a great day!!!