Don't Have A Good Title for This

We made it home.

And I feel like a cat is stuffed inside of my nose. Colorado is beautiful, but it is also allergy and asthma hell. As soon as I leave the grimy city and get into nature, you know, real air, my body decides to reject it. No smog? No Pollution? Trees? Mountains? Pristine air? My nose will have nothing to do with it, instead, I feel like I have a furry itchy cat up my nose and I am ready to rip my eyeballs out.

Beside the point. Point is, we survived the weekend, actually had a plane to bring us home, and loved being in Denver. And to answer someones question on the comment section, yes, Denver is granola and I think that is a compliment! Here is why Denver is granola: As I sit in the Starbucks connected to REI on the river I see a plethora of outdoorsy people on bikes, with back-packs, no make-up, all green and environmentally conscious, and the dead give-away, lots of dear women without bras. All kinds of hippie, carefree looking people of all shapes, colors, sizes and backgrounds converging in funky shops and cafes, drinking strange thick green drinks (and they are all so healthy you know they haven't eaten a dead carcass in years...these are tofu people) and people sleeping in the grass at the park . Only hippies do that. And that is why I love Denver. Why not plop down and take a nap at the park, eat all veggies, and climb a mountain with a peace shirt on?

So I had a total Jenny moment this weekend. The guy who runs our tour, Mike, had his mom and sister come in this weekend. You need to know that I love Mike and his wife Patty and their daughter Amy. OK. So I love the whole family. And I'm not just saying that. Mike has taken care of us, amazing care of us for two years. He feels like a dad on the road and I am going to miss that so much next year. Patty is my friend. She talks to me and listens and brings me Starbucks and other little treats just to be sweet, she even bought me a pair of shoes last year just because she thought they looked like me! Who does that? She has walked through some tough things with me this year. I love these people.

SO when I met Mike's mom and realized it was her I said, "Oh my gosh I LOVE YOUR SON, he is amazing, thank you sooooo much for having him."

His sister died laughing, so did Amy and everyone else. His mom said that was the most precious thing she had ever heard. That no one had ever told her that and she was just hugging away. She thought it was adorable.

I thought, wow, I really gave a great compliment. Can you be proud about giving a compliment? I was having an intense moment of satisfaction. How perverse is that? Anyways, everyone carried on laughing and I sat and talked to his mom for a while and just loved it.

Today at lunch someone said, "So how about Jenny's comment yesterday to Mike's mom?"

Again, laughter.

And then. Mortifying news.

Mike was adopted.

Yep. Of course he was. No wonder everyone was laughing. I thanked this old lady for having him and she didn't really have him. Of course.

Welcome to the world of Jenny, it is called: Foot in Mouth.