Imagination Station!

On the drive home this weekend Travis and I talked about having an imagination class.

Like yoga, or dance, or cooking or whatever classes people take, this would be similar, except it would be an imagination class. Once I told him my idea he got really excited and asked me to tell him about it. That's when the little wheels in this great big brain of mine started-a-turnin.'

Jenny's Imagination Station

So each week we do different things. One class a week. And a special weekend adventure at some point. And the whole goal is to help people, perhaps structured people, busy people, or adults who just flat out missed a proper imaginative childhood, to relish in the joy of our imaginations. Forget sending your business to a corporate team bonding day, instead, send them to Jenny's Imagination Day Camp! Get their brains flowing as they remember what it feels likes to be carefree and adventurous!

Here is what I am thinking of in no particular order. Class sessions would include the use of: bubbles, play-doh, paint, crayons, construction paper, finger paints, and costumes. Sessions will include dress-up time, acting, exploring, cooking and decorating cakes, swinging, going to the park, digging up worms, planting something in the ground, renaming animals, creating your dream Lego house, making up a new song, and one of my favorites, writing a story. When was the last time the average adult had to just make up a story from scratch? Using just your own little imagination? We will write stories, a poem, and a song. We will use play-doh and finger paint to construct whatever our minds think of. We will act, each person taking on different characters and animals and using costumes. We will make cards for loved ones and tell them three things we have never told them before. We will build tents and fortresses and we will read the most classic fairy tales of all time at the end of the day as we feast on snacks.

If music doesn't go my way, catch me in my imagination studio where I will be helping people explore their carefree spirits and putting their imagination to work!!! Send any additional class ideas my way, I am starting to collect them!