My Dad

This is my dad. When he is at home he works for Baylor School of Nursing in Dallas, TX. So he would want me to say, "all you nurses out there who really want to work on your masters degree should contact him because there are lots of scholarships for you to come to Baylor." Anyways, I love this picture because this is actually a graduate from the Baylor Nursing School, Shane, with my dad in Germany yesterday.

Shane flies med-evac out of Iraq and into my dad's hospital. I think it's really amazing that they can meet halfway across the world to serve other people and our country. I know I am a bit patriotic and a HUGE supporter of our troops, but really, the work they do and the sacrifices they make are pretty amazing. My dad says the men coming off the front lines of this war are facing overwhelming physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma, things we cannot even understand, so keep them in your prayers today.

If you know anyone at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center who is recovering from being onthe front line in Iraq and you would like for my dad, one of the resident Chaplains, to go see them,please let us know.