Annoyed American Grocery Shopper

This is my friend Travis. He is not annoyed, but I am. And this is the face I was making today at the grocery store. The face of annoyance.

Let's begin at the beginning.

Mucinex D.
I just needed a decongestant and something to get the buggers out of my lungs. Yes, I have a collection of buggers in my lungs now. But first I had to wait in line at the Kroger Pharmacy for 12 minutes while some tech analyzed my drivers license, my Kroger Pharmacy account, and all my personal info that the secret spy systems installed in this country dig up on you when you are entered into the "database." I think my wait is all over when he hands me a release form, a background form, and a signature sticker to fill out and sign. Seriously?

People get guns in this country easier. And if I was that desperate for the drugs I would not wait in a 15 minute line for them. Because by then my eyeballs would be bulging, I would be sniffing and twitching and basically going through withdrawals just waiting in that line. Just get the pills shipped here from Canada or Mexico or wherever else they come from on the internet. Or use the real stuff. But Mucinex D? Come on people. Make some laws and regulations that are helpful.

This one is just annoying. I have a grocery list, broccoli, and a bag of multi-colored gold fish. How dangerous can I be? Do they think the house wives are going a little crazy on the cold and flu medicine? And if they put a screening process on over the counter medicines will they continue to do so when people have lost their patience with Mucinex and moved on to... gasoline, magic markers, or sniffing coke (which has to be more dangerous for our bodies than Mucinex)?


And P.S.
The inflation scare, is not a scare, it is for rizzy. Gas is $3.03 in Dallas today. Butter? $3. Eggs??? $3. Are these golden eggs? NO!!! They are not even organic, cage free eggs! They are just jacked up, poorly and inhumanely treated, bottom of the line chicken eggs, and yep, they cost three bucks today. Pasta? $2.50. Look, unless an Italian is making that pasta from scratch before my eyeballs, I cannot pay $2.50 for something that is regularly 99.!

And don't let the sugar confuse you. There were two brands of Kroger sugar. The same weight: four pounds. The same ingredients: sugar. Made in the same country: Mexico. But not the same price. One of the sugars, with the blue packaging cost a dollar more than the one with the white packaging. There they sat, side by side, exactly the same, but one had a cooler package. Isn't this price gouging? Ok, maybe not, but at least trickery! Do they think we are that naive?

Slightly annoyed.

No Habla Espanol
My final grocery store complaint is that, really, no offense intended, I can't find the English on the packaging anymore. Granted, I live in Texas and we have a higher non-English speaking Hispanic population...but dang, I can't read a thing! When I can't read the McDonald's advertisements anymore, the Barack Obama ads are all in a different language, and I can't read the food labels, I feel annoyed. I guess the solution is...I have to learn Spanish now. But seriously, can't they make the English version a little easier to find?

Amused and annoyed.

Free, Borrowed, Money.
So while I happily await my $1200 stimulus package check from the government... I think maybe they (Uncle Sam) could spend less time on monitoring the sale of the deadly, frightening, crack-lovin', Mucinex, and focus on more than just a band-aid for our economy. Focus on the $3 eggs, increasing wheat prices and sugar scams, and maybe health care while they are at it. And heck, throw in Aliens and border patrol. Let's get some real things accomplished here people.