3 Day Challenge

So I am in a reading mood today.

I came across Art Garfunkel's website and this guy has read 1,024 books over the last forty years. He averages a minimum of two books a month and on the website you can see everything he has ever read. This is an amazing accomplishment.

And now I am inspired to read more than ever. I have a stack of books, about 20, that I have gotten as gifts over the last four months that are waiting to be read. And I desperately want to dive into them, but you know how that goes, as soon as you set your mind to something twenty other somethings, like reading a magazine, picking up my Paula Deen cookbook and skimming recipes, reading one of the 20 million blogs on the internet, or just sitting on the couch staring absently at the bird outside my window, start sounding more appealing and win my attention.

I have three days off this week. Today, tomorrow, and Thursday. And in perhaps a spastic moment of determination I have decided to read three books over the next three days. Nothing too demanding or dense, but still, three books. They are as follows: Velvet Elvis, The Gift of the Jews, and The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers.

Check in for updates to see if I can actually accomplish this...which will be hard since all of a sudden I am craving coffee cake and I have found a Paula Deen recipe that looks just amazing...

Off to cook. Then eat. Then go to the bathroom. Then possibly organize my closet. Then to read!