First you switch from a discman to an iPod. Then an iPod shuffle to an 80 gig iPod video or the iPhone. There's the switch from cable to U-Verse. Ancient VCR recorders to Tivo's and digital recording boxes that can tape four shows at a time! And then the switch from the good old fashioned paperback Rand McNally to the Garmin...the satellite voice that saves us, as a band, about 100 hundred hours a month that we previously spent lost in the middle of nowhere!The ultimate switch over is from your PC to a Mac. And once you go Mac, it's hard to go back! I would say impossible actually. Until today I thought this was the biggest conversion.

But today Ryan and I have made another switch over.

We bought a Wii.

First it was Nintendo. Then some sort of little box thing. We landed on an Xbox and lived off of Madden Football and Halo. And now we have moved upward and onward to the Wii!

Our friends Lauren and Jeff have a Wii (they are dating and consider it to be a dual custody child so it switches houses every other week) and we have fallen in love with playing their Wii. Yesterday we bowled for an hour or so, which totally beats out bowling at a real smoked filled bowling alley for ten bucks an hour, and I woke up this morning with sore shoulder blades and arms. Ryan, on the other hand, woke up this morning with a crazy look in his eyes and I knew he hadn't slept much...I knew he laid awake dreaming about Wii bowling, guitar hero, boxing, and tennis.

I was right. By the time I got home this afternoon he had posted our XBOX on Craig's list, and coupled with some Christmas money, had scrounged up enough cash to make the exchange. The great switch over.

It took several hours to find this elusive Wii. They are sold out everywhere. Our recommendation? Try Blockbuster. They seem to get more frequent shipments and people forget to check there.

Anyways. I am on the couch now bowling and yes, my arms are KILLING me! The goal is to stay up until we have both gotten 1,000 points and can buy new bowling balls in the pro-shop with our points. This is like getting tickets at the arcade except that instead of leaving with a box of Nerds and three plastic lady bug rings and a pencil...we will leave with virtual, on-line, high powered bowling balls. And really, how could we go to bed before we accomplish such feats anyways? Ryan just made me laugh..."Jen, my arm is getting fatigued, I mean, it's starting to really hurt." And we thought kids today were not getting enough exercise??? At the very least, they should have good upper bodies now!

So Valentines Day will find us sharing a pizza, some wine, and a good 20 rounds of bowling!

Out with the old, in with the new!!! Welcome to our home baby Wii!