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Mocha Club.
After reading so much about Kenya this week and praying for these hurting people, I am more excited than ever to tell you about a way that you can partner with me, the band, and a great organization called Mocha Club to help people in Africa.

Mocha Club is an organization that we have fallen in love with! They support projects in some of the neediest countries in Africa and provide basic needs like clean water, shelter, food, education and job training for those people who have fallen victim to the massive atrocities of poverty in Africa. As a band, and as an individual hoping to make a small change in the world, Mocha Club provides a trustworthy, proven, effective, and Godly place for us to direct our energies and our finances.

Join Me. Seriously. Please!?!
You guys know that I believe in baby steps! My motto is,"anything is better than nothing." That is one of the reasons I love being apart of mocha club, because as a 'starving musician' I don't have a ton of money in my budget to sacrifice, but I do have $7 a month. In fact, I've pretty much been making at least seven dollars a month since I was 4 years old and started doing little chores, like God forbid, making my own bed and earning my very own allowance!

So what can $7 a month do???

$7 in Africa will...
FEED 1 person for 1 month.
EDUCATE 2 children for 1 school term
SAVE 1 person's life from malaria.
PROVIDE clean water to 7 Africans for 1 year.

Our Project.
I support a specific project called The Village of Hope. When you sign up to join me, you will be supporting this specific project too! The Village of Hope is an actual village in Gulu, Uganda who houses women known as child mothers. These are women who were abducted when they were only children themselves, trained as fighters, and then given as sex slaves to rebel soldiers in the LRA. Once they escape or become useless to the men, they are shunned by their communities and left to take care of the children born to them during their forced prostitution. They are basically left for dead.

The Village of Hope brings them in, nearly 500 of them. Puts a roof over their heads, food in their stomachs, begins the process of educating both mom and children, and introduces them to the healing they can find through God... all in a safe village with medical facilities.

How to Join.
It's easy. Decide to join me, decide to give up 2 mocha's a month, and click below. If you sign up between now and next Friday, February 15th we will send you a free my goal is to have 100 people sign up by next Friday (I am clearly overly ambitious!) so I want you to join my team! And yes, this is a team specifically for people who read this little blog. I think that's pretty cool, my vision is that we start this movement, this group of people who really causes some change in the world around us. When I go to Africa in July to visit, I can send you pictures, updates, and anything else you might want to see. We can chat about mocha club, pray for Africa together, and start our own little team of people who are willing to join together to help the world around us. You can invite other friends, family, church members, community groups, co-workers, or strangers to join us!

$7 a month. You can get out at anytime. Online access to video blogs of other artists and the projects they are supporting. And a great way to do, you know, something! Cause something is better than nothing.

Join Jenny's Bloggin Buddies team now! It is very easy, I promise. To sign up, click here:
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And please email me if you have any questions or problems signing up! Let's do something big together.
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