Pray for Kenya...

guest blogger: Sarah Chisolm (my beautiful sister) location: Waco, TX occupation: student
written last week

My Fiancé Ray and I have been glued to news sources such as the New York Times for the past several weeks, watching violence unfold in a country we deeply love. Ray and I, along with dozens of other friends had the opportunity to travel to Kenya last May and experience the
incredible beauty of this country and its people. The violence that is currently taking place is far beyond devastating; men, women and children are being killed at random simply because of which tribe they belong to.

Spending 16 days in Kenya hardly makes me an expert on their land, their history, their people, or their frustrations, but I do know one thing, and that is each believer I came in contact with had a deeper understanding of Christ's love and sustaining faithfulness than I will probably ever have. There is no place on this earth I have ever been closer to God than standing in the middle of hundreds of Kenyan children praying. For these children it's not a chore, it's not something to check off a daily to-do list, but rather it is their continuous conversation with their creator, their bread, their water, their shepherd, their giver and sustainer of life.

These children live in the second largest slum in world. Most days they don't know where their next meal will come from; so add violence and political tension to that, and faith is all they have, literally. Today, I mourn deeply for these beautiful people, as political figure and peacemaker Melitus Mugabe was shot down in his driveway this morning; a devastating event which will surely bring more violence and unrest. I ask that you would join with me, Ray, many of our friends and these children and pray that God would restore peace in what has become a very broken land.