What's in a Name?

I did a radio interview this week and the person I was talking to referred to me as a blogger.

I am terribly disturbed by this.

A blogger? Those are political activists who are having a hay day with the primaries and chatting it up online right now about Richardson dropping out and whether Hillary's tears secured her the New Hampshire victory. Or groups of weird people that get together to discuss obscure books, the writer's strike, science, star wars theories, Brittany's love life, or video game shortcuts and Wii guitar hero power chords. People who are attempting to be writers or sharing their secrets of being a mom with all the other mommies of the world. Opinionated people who have something to say about everything, like editors, mean bitter people, or sports fanatics who are totally convinced that Eli Manning will have supernatural powers on Sunday and the Cowboys will lose because of Tony Romo's weekend distractions with Jessica. Or just interesting people who live truly unique, crazy lives and have late night, underground, rendezvous' with the part of the world who are awake while we are all sleeping. Like the people in New York who deliver flour to bakeries through the stairs on the sidewalks that go down underground at 3am. I am not nearly that cool, I've never seen the flour guy at 3am, and I don't fall into any of those groups.

One of the guys in the band once told me I was the most different girl he had ever met in his life. And while I think he meant it as a compliment...it's sort of like hearing the word "unique" "special" or the worst, "quirky." No one wants to be the different person. Just let me blend in with the plain Jane's PLEASE...Please God don't make me be called a weird, quirky, blogger!!!!

I have a hang-up with word descriptions of people mainly because I usually get the bad ones, "she's different" or "she''s unique" or "she's a free spirit" or"she eats like a guy"...and now, "she's a blogger."

Hello! These all basically scream WEIRD. They are classic code words for dork. Blogger? Yuck.

Blogger. The word just sounds nasty. Like bugger. Clogger. Nagger. Blah, blah, blobber. Slobber. Clobber. Gobstopper (which I would bite into as a kid and break my teeth on). And mobster. Wow. Most of those had double consonants. Kids, take note, when using the o-er vowel sound, use double things in the middle, it appears to be a fail proof plan.

So I officially denounce the title of blogger. If we must call it something, let's rely on the wisdom of Mr. Rogers.

I am your neighbor. Hello neighbor.