Welcome Back

Welcome back.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I have missed writing and now I have lots to tell you!

But before I go there, I am deeply grieved today over the assassination of the Pakistani People's Party courageous democratic leader, Mrs.Benazir Bhutto and I'd like to take a minute to recognize all that she has done. Besides being a wife and mother of three, she was a highly educated (Harvard and Oxford) visionary who fought for the freedom and the reign of democracy in her country. After spending many years in exile she returned to her country this year hoping to lead them into a new age of liberties that we as Americans enjoy; the inherent right to life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness which we are afforded through the democratic ideals that are upheld by a truly free nation.

She fought for her people. For freedom. For the idea that Pakistan could be more and that all humans deserved to live in a country of peace, freedom, and democracy. She was brave. Courageous. Bold. Dedicated. Beautiful. And passionate. She believed in her cause and in humanity, and she knowingly risked being a martyr for the benefit of the thousands around her. She was the most powerful woman in the Middle East, had the power to change the course of their history, and many Pakistani people are saying they feel as if their hope for democracy died with her. She was not perfect, but she was fighting for a just cause.

If you do not know much about the state of Pakistan or Benazir Bhutto I encourage you to go go to any news website today and read a little bit about it so you can understand why every paper in the world today, every news station is acknowledging the importance or grieving the loss of this incredible woman who's life was way too short. She was brilliant and courageous and my words cannot do her and her legacy any justice.

My prayers are with her husband and kids. And more importantly, with the country of Pakistan who face the threat of massive riots, violence, and in the long run a lack of anyone brave enough to fill her shoes who will fight for the democracy and freedom of the Pakistani people.