Snow Day

We are in Minnesota. Coming to the north never gets old. No matter how many times you’ve heard it, it never ceases to shock you when the pilot says, “Current temperature in St.Paul is seven degrees; feels like negative eleven.”

Seriously? Seven degrees? People live in places where it feels like negative eleven? Does the government secretly pay people to inhabit this land?

They must.

My conspiracy theory: tax breaks and incentives are freely given to recruit big business up here and a bunch of people are then tricked into transferring and working in the American Antarctica. It is so cold here tonight I am pretty sure penguins and those little ice bears in the coca-cola commercials could survive here very comfortably.

Walking off the plane, taking in that first big breath of frigid air is brutal. It’s the breath of death. I’m not the only one suffering either. You have half the plane full of people decked out in Greenbay Packers garb (heads hung low after a beating from the cowboys!) and they walk off the plane unscathed, like negative eleven is normal. But the rest of the plane is full of people who, like myself, are mimicking heart attacks and frostbite as soon as we step a foot off the plane…we have just entered a new type of world. It is called: MISERY. The SOUTHERNERS ARE DYING, and, talking way too loud about it on the way down!

Anyways…today it all paid off because it snowed. Not a little bit of snow like we got on Thanksgiving in Texas, that just seems like bird spit compared to this. This is beautiful, never-ending, snowplow, pure powder, snow angel, wintery wonderland, 10 feet snowmen, and six inches deep snow. The real stuff. I took pictures as the day progressed…so I hope you enjoy them (who’s the tourist with the camera now?)

So…happy snow day to everyone up here in frigid Minnesota. And to everyone else, please keep the rest of the country warm for me so I can escape tomorrow and come back to civilization.