Concerned Reader

Good Morning...

A concerned reader sent me an email last night, I thought I would show you his direct quote...

"Did you know that Tony Romo is dating Jessica Simpson??? It's all over folks. The Cowboys' season is finished. Tony can't balance women and football. He proved that last year when he started dating Carrie Underwood and then couldn't concentrate during the game. We can only pray that they break up before the Packers game on Thursday."

Now. Two things. You are absolutely right. We need him focused, not hopping on planes to LA to meet up with tragically bad choices for a date, mixing it up with the rich and famous, or spending Thanksgiving with Jessica Simpson and her family! I have done a little research and it seems that Thursday after the Thanksgiving day victory Tony went to dinner at Hotel ZaZa in Dallas with Jessica's family and then went to our old Alma Mater town of Waco, Texas to visit her grandparents!! This is all very tragic news.

Sweetie...WE ARE TRYING TO WIN A SUPERBOWL. Head out of the clouds, no dating, focus will you. FOOTBALL. That is the only priority right now.

Secondly, I believe I caused the initial distraction last year and it is time for me to publicly apologize. The day before the game where he missed the snap, recovered the ball, ran to the one yard line and got tackled...I met him. I can only assume I was a distraction and led him to make this awful play.

Ryan and I were with some friends at a pancake house, I saw a guy two tables over who was huge, with cute dimples, and a hat on covering his eyes, and when he looked up and we made eye contact...well I might as well have been in eighth grade. It was him. I am not sure what happened to me. I got completely star-struck, started blushing, couldn't eat (and this, this is the tell-tell sign, me not being able to eat) and I spent the rest of the meal trying to talk myself into going up and meeting him because no one else in the restaurant would. Or maybe they were all just being respectful. Either way, when you are famous and you put yourself in public like that, forget respect, you should expect fans!

And for those of you who want more detail: yes, he was incredibly nice, we talked, he was eating pancakes and ice cream, and he had 4 buddies with him, and they probably collectively weighed a thousand pounds, these guys are enormous in person. I told him we were so excited to have him, and a bunch of other corny stuff.

Anyways...I am providing a picture as proof. Unfortunately it is a tragic picture of me and it is blurry but it is the best I could do on my camera phone.

Back to the real point: Tony Romo cannot, at this time in his life, risk balancing women and football.

Thank you, reader, for bringing this to my attention.

This weeks game will be a true test of our skill! Go Cowboys.

(ps, any extra tickets for the game that you may want to send to your favorite, POOR, singer/friend/blogger, will be joyfully accepted)