I am what you call "computer challenged". Actually, if I am being honest I am technologically challenged. Not only could I not figure out how to switch those pictures around so it would be before and after, I cannot work the camera on my phone, so I end up with blurry pictures.

But that is the vague idea of the before and after of our video shoot yesterday, forget botox and face lifts, just get a good make-up person, they seriously have magic potions. Turns out it was about a seven hour process of hair, make-up, and recording outside...and it was freezing. The guy brought a heater out for me and placed it right behind me, but I told him I had a bad history with heaters too close to my back-side, so we moved it a bit. And while my rear-end appreciated being warm and toasty, the rest of my body hated me.

Three times this week I have gone to bed at 8:30 pm. Out of sheer exhaustion and desire, I just thought, man it would be lovely to go to sleep right now, and I did it. Is this the mark of turning 27? Isn't that supposed to happen when I turn 77? Should I find such joy in going to sleep before the nine a clock news?

I am feeling old. I can't work the kids new technology. The "kids". The new AT&T uverse remote control is like a strange foreign object that holds much power if conquered, yet I only have the power button down. I would love a digital camera for Christmas, but beyond the button I push to take and review my picture, I have no idea what to do with the rest of the dials and settings. And I am currently typing on my new mac computer...I can work the internet, the calendar sometimes, and Microsoft word. I hear there are amazing things you can do on this computer like record music, make cool videos with all your home pictures, and put some strange sort of thing called widgets on here that will provide me with hours of entertainment and give me the world at my fingertips...still, I can do about as much as my grandpa can do on here. And that is slightly sad.

So hours away from being 27 and I am taking blurry pictures on the foreign, hi-techy camera that the kids love these days, and hopefully going to bed at 8:30 tonight after I catch the early bird senior dinner special at Cracker Barrel. Before you know it, menopause, wheel of fortune, and Vick's vapor rub will be staring me in the face.

I wonder what it feels like to be 40?