On Being Impractical

I may have the cutest husband in the entire world.

He does this thing where he buys presents for you and then gets so excited about it that he can't wait to give it to you on the right day. I always know it's coming, it's usually a good three or four days out. He starts getting hyper and smiley, he seems antsy and he keeps looking at me trying to make eye contact, and when he finally catches my eye he gives me the puppy dog look that screams, "forgive me, I am about to do something bad." Then he says in a playful and tormented voice, "I can't stand it any longer, can I PLEASE give you your birthday present???"

It's entirely cute.

Sure, maybe opening presents on your actual birthday is more appropriate, but it is a lot more fun and exciting and terribly cute for someone to love you so much and to be so excited about what they got you that they are about to bust open and explode. So tonight, I got my birthday presents.

A few weeks ago I went into Ryan's office and asked if I could ask him a serious question. Since I usually don't do this, he turned around in his swivel chair, held out his hand and pulled me down into his lap. He stopped what he was doing and braced himself for what I can only imagine, he thought would be, another crazy deep serious question. "Can we have a baby yet?" "What if we stop doing music and go live in Europe for a year?" "Can we please spend Christmas morning with my parents?" "What are you thinking about?" "When do you think we will die?" "What if our kids are stupid?" "Why did you marry me?"

You know, the normal barrage of girl questions.

Instead I just said..."you know how you get me practical presents all the time? This year, will you get me unpractical presents? I mean, I know you are probably planning on getting me a new I-POD (mine is broken, the screen does not work, neither does the volume, so it just randomly plays very loud music and like I said a long time ago in a blog, I depend on my ipod for sanity on the road), but will you not get me an ipod? Will you just get me random, fun things?"

He looked shocked. He had no idea he got me practical gifts and I could tell this was actually a pretty big blow for him. It's not like I get irons or blenders or something new to replace the exact same something old, nothing 1950's like that, it's just that Ryan gets exactly what I need, so it is usually predictable. My ipod's broken, so I will get a new one. I've started running more, so I will get good running shoes. I need new clothes, so I get a gift card. Don't get me wrong, these are all things I love, and I am so happy to get, but I usually know they are coming. And this year I have been feeling restless, I needed a surprise, I wanted something original, something I didn't ask for, something that was thought up especially for me, not from a list, but out of a knowledge of who I was and what would make me happy. I wasn't sure what to expect, but just a change, something different.

Tonight I got just that. Ryan was exploding with excitement. He could not hold it in any longer. He tried to get me to talk him out of it. He said, maybe I will just give you one gift tonight. Or maybe I should just wait until Saturday. And being of no help, I got way excited and told him tonight was perfect and I couldn't wait!!!

He made me close my eyes and put out my hands...while my eyes were closed he said, "I had no idea I was a practical gift giver. I haven't been able to shake that. So these are the most impractical gifts I could get you." I guess saying that would've been enough. The fact that he listened and cared.

In a vintage hat box he had monogrammed cards with my name written in Pink...because I love to write cards, and I have always wanted that very impractical luxury, my own cards!!! Send me your address and I will send you a letter!!! Random jewelry from Forever 21, my favorite store, because I always want new jewelry for stage. And, maybe the best gift ever, buried way at the bottom...a number 9, DALLAS COWBOYS, Tony Romo Jersey!!! The most exciting present ever.

I have never had a jersey and I have always wanted one. Always. It is so cute, I will not be able to take it off, maybe ever. I will wear it on the plane tomorrow, I will sleep in it tonight, and I will wear it every game day until we make it into the Superbowl. I think I have even figured out a way to wear it when I get pregnant and a way to make it cool enough to wear during concerts!

Turns out he is good at being practical and even better at being impractical. I'm a lucky girl.