Crazy Pigs

Last night I was in Arkansas with a bunch of Razorbacks. I'm not kidding. The night before there was a game and suddenly people started crawling out of the wood works and filing into downtown Little Rock dressed as actual pigs. I've never seen anything like it. Snouts. Masks. Red Hair. Flags and Horns. Whole families, children and all, packed into sports bars clamoring for tables and catcalling to one another as if everyone in the entire state of Arkansas were related, and this was just a normal Saturday night family reunion. Insane.

The next morning as I walked through WalMart before church trying to find the cereal aisle, I actually passed an ice cream display of razorback ice cream. Tubs and tubs of ice cream (which in my mind were all Cherry flavored because there was way too much red going on for it to be Chocolate or any other flavor) with pigs all over the place and streamers hanging off the freezer section, and a sign that read "Razor Zone."

Note to self: these people are not kidding around.

So with all the football in the air I could not help but be bitter at the idea of being stuck in the van, driving, during the entire Dallas game last night. It was torturous. I could see pigs all around me, but no Cowboys? I felt like I was cheating.

Lucky for us, for the world at large, some brilliant person somewhere who should be thanked profusely with an "Advancement of Science and Mankind Award", invented TIVO.

So at 1:00 am, after six exhausting days and twelve times on stage... I crawled into my pj's and watched the Dallas game until 3:00 am. And I am not sure which one is more insane, the person who defies sheer exhaustion, who commits media blackout at all gas stations so they can't hear the score, and then beyond all physical logic, stays up to intently watch the game on TIVO until 3:00 am, or the one that goes to the game dressed as a pig.

Maybe we are equal offenders; grown adults civilized in the work week but dressed as hogs uniting with a sea of strangers at the local pizza joint on the weekend, and me getting bags under my eyes and headaches as I force myself to stay up and watch a game that happened four hours ago.

Either way, I think we'd both say it was well worth it.