A Sunday Afternoon Prayer



Why is it 82 degrees on November 4th? Why does the bookstore I am sitting in right now have Christmas trees, blue garland, which is clearly not a Christmas color, and candy cane displays with gaudy holiday ornaments all over the place? Is Christmas even your holiday anymore? You know, I mean a sacred day? Why are there so many books here? Who could possibly read all these books? More importantly, I know there are not enough smart people in the world to have written all these books, so who are these authors? And why are they writing books about every teeny tiny subject possible? Is this really necessary, a million books on bird feeders, feline diets, three gazillion ways to raise your kids the right way, and my favorite, inspirational books for every person possible...the skinny, the pregnant, the grieving, the busy woman, the overweight, the dog deprived, the herbal tea lover, you name it, they will write a book for you; is it all necessary? Also, why is a good cup of Mocha $3 bucks? And why do I still buy it for this insanely overpriced amount of money? Which biography is the best, and seriously, who is your favorite dead person? I mean, if you had to just pick one, who's been your favorite person ever? The rule is, they have to be dead or they don't count yet because those of us who are candidates, and are still alive, could totally mess things up and you might change your mind. So favorite dead person?

Just some questions. Get back to me when you can.