Dan in Real Life?

Deep? no

Predictable? yes

Too good to be true? absolutely

Do I want to raise teenagers after watching this? no

Does it include at least four of the five major cliche, chick elements? yes.

Major cliche chick elements include: Holidays. A family that plays board games and has a family sing along at the piano. Lavish pancake breakfasts. A lake. Sweaters. First kisses. A dreamy bookstore. A perfect, endearing man, who is not so good looking that he doesn't seem real. A gorgeous woman with curves, personality, and intelligence. A tragic story line. A beautiful story line. A fool proof and dependable ending. Tears. Laughing. Lame jokes. A dance. A wedding dress. And extra special girly footage while the credits are rolling.

Would I recommend this movie? Girls we like cliche for a reason. It works! Go see the movie. You know what you are paying for and what you are wanting when you walk into a movie like this. This movie was, in my opinion, nothing overly special as far as romantic comedies go, but it still did what it was supposed to do...leaves you feeling warm, fuzzy, and happy.

After a summer of Bourne Identity and Spiderman, and the trail of guy movies I have watched the last few weeks like We Own the Night, Micheal Clayton, and the Assassination of Jesse James this movie was a breath of fresh estrogen air. You could definitely wait and catch it on DVD, but guys, do your girl a favor and send her to the one girl movie out right now! It may not be creative or new, but it is a foolproof romantic comedy, and it does the trick.

Finally, some make-believe, sappy, and perfect love in the air!