Dirty, Lazy, Girl Moment

I woke up this morning to find a rat's nest in my hair.

Three days ago I had cotton candy. It literally feels like the blue cotton candy, unbeknown to me, got lodged into the back of my head and has hardened and turned into some crazy, mangled beast over the last three days. I can't even pry my fingers into it.

I have dreads. Always wanted them until this morning, and now I know, I look awful with dreads. The crazy things is, I could've sworn I took a shower last night. I put my fancy conditioner in and gave it the three minutes magic time that it needs to perform hair miracles. And these are my results?

Maybe I am still wallowing from my drama queen doctor visit, but the only reasonable solution seems to go to Aveda and just have them get the tangles out for me. Give me the little peppermint scalp rub, have some lovely person pick their way through the monsters and knots, and get a hand massage and a drink a glass of tea at the same time.

I have done this once before. I was leading a girls bible study group and they said....um, you should probably wash your hair. I knew it was the truth, it was about time. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I hate showers. We can talk about that issue later. But in a moment of weakness and laziness my answer was to just go get my hair cut so they would wash it for me. Today i am facing another moment of weakness. Just somebody get the tangles out for me. What kind of person am I?

I will let you know what I decide to do.