To Be Well

by Jenny Simmons

For over a decade veteran singer/songwriter Jenny Simmons, formerly of Addison Road, has powerfully captured stories of redemption through lyric in songs like What Do I Know of Holy, Change in the Making and Don’t Lose Heart. Now, with her debut independent EP, Simmons has created her most intimate, honest and provocative music yet.

To Be Well: Songs for Hope and Healing was inspired by Simmons’ own journey of seeking to be made-well in her soul, marriage and family. It is her most daring collection of music; both tender and triumphant, the EP is a bold blend of Addison Road-esque pop songs and the lulling Americana that endeared fans to Jenny’s 2013 solo album, The Becoming. In the anthemic opening track, Joshua Tree, Simmons sets the stage for a musical journey that invites listeners into the story of hope.  “While I’m breathing there is hope, while I’m hoping there is life, it’s Your water that I’m tasting at my feet…by your mercy I have all I’ll ever need, I am a Joshua Tree.” Alongside producer, Paul Moak, Jenny rekindles her edgy, pop-rock roots with songs like Time to Be Well and Not My Name. The latter was written specifically for women coming out of prison and human trafficking, living in rehab houses and homeless shelters; women who need to be reminded that God has given them a name they can live by- beloved. Thanks to the amazing fans who funded the EP, Jenny will be able to give away over 1,000 cd’s to women across the country who are walking into new life.

CCM fans and new listeners alike will be inspired by Jenny's remake of the iconic Amy Grant song, Lead Me On, and comforted by the EP’s melodic, folksy tracks More Love, Less Hustle (co-written with Josh Brownlee, Micheal Farren) and Open Arms (co-written with Matt Maher and Paul Moak). Bottom line? To Be Well: Songs for Hope and Healing was written and recorded in under one month’s time and is, perhaps, Simmons’ finest lyrical attempt at capturing the healing and hope that run wild alongside of redemption through Jesus Christ— six songs that create an endless symphony of grace for the soul.

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