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Ann Voskamp
The Other Kind of Miracle

Donald Miller's Storyline Blog
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Three Things to Remember When You’re Walking Toward Healing

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Lots of Ways to Be A Momma

Walking Our Children Through Disappointment

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What Others Are Saying 

I’m a champion for helping people find a redemptive purpose in their pain and for helping them take ownership of the broken things within us and around us. Jenny’s authentic words will amplify hope that being made well is possible- in more ways than you might’ve realized- and it’s happening all around you every day.
— Mike Foster, Author, Pastor, Founder at People of the Second Chance
Jenny is a brave, deep, soulful friend and her voice comes across the page with clarity and urgency.
— Shauna Niequist, New York Times best-selling author of Present Over Perfect, Savor
Two things about Made Well deeply resonate with me: vulnerability and hope. Jenny Simmons writes with disarming honesty about the path towards healing in the midst of suffering. Laced with humorous confession and abounding grace, this story looks a lot like hope. 
— Rev. Eugene Cho, Pastor, Humanitarian, Author of Overrated
You may not know Jenny Simmons by name, but there is a good chance you know her music. Songs like What Do I Know of Holy, Hope Now and This Little Light of Mine have found their way onto the airwaves and into the hearts of a generation of Christian music listeners. A lover of music and people, she has a knack for seeing God’s redemptive hand at work in the world around us, even when the world around us feels awfully broken.
— Ann Voskamp, New York Times best-selling author, The Broken Way
The first time I met Jenny Simmons I was drawn to her honesty and self-awareness. In a world where so many of us struggle to put ourselves out there, Jenny is a breath of fresh air. She’s not afraid to share the hard parts of her life and her journey of healing. Her brave stories will breathe hope into your journey and inspire you to keep pressing forward.
— Lindsay Nobles, Consultant and former COO & Chief Strategist, IF:Gathering