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Here We Go: My First Book!

Remember that moment in school when you walk into a giant cafeteria and pray to God that your eyes will make eye contact with someone, anyone, just so you have a place to sit down un-alone? That feeling of insecurity and fear surging through your veins, threatening to define you when you fall flat on your face or come up lacking?

I’ve felt that way twice this year.

The first was in the fall at a small retreat of highly respected Christian authors, speakers and leaders. The fact that I was invited befuddles me. As I walked into the registration room that day, the hallways were lined with the voices behind books and blogs that have deeply inspired and challenged me. One woman ran a record label, another had been on the New York Times bestseller list and sold a million books, another was starring on a hit reality show, another was the women’s pastor of one of the largest churches in America, and another had written one of the most iconic worship songs of the past decade. The list of who’s who went on and on. And I felt it.

About Jenny

It’s in the fear and the famine. In the taste of bitterness and the feeling of despair. It’s found at rock bottom and the rope’s end. It’s defeat and dry, desert wasteland. Empty hands and frayed edges. Long nights and desperate prayers. It’s the midnight before the sunrise. The middle. The in-between. Jenny Simmons, former lead singer of Addison Road, much prefers to simply call it the becoming. A time of growth; a journey of self-discovery and a path of unanswered questions. Continue reading

The Becoming
Download Jenny’s new record “The Becoming” today!
  1. Where I Belong
  2. What Faith’s About
  3. Heaven Waits for Me
  4. This I Know
  5. Broken Hallelujah
  6. The Becoming
  7. Letting You Go
  8. The In Between
  9. Don’t Lose Heart
  10. Come Healing



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