A Deeper Look At Made Well - Episode 3

Thank you for joining me for the final Made Well Monday. More than ever we must remember that every person was MADE WELL (regardless of who they voted for in this bizarre election). They were formed in the image of God, by the very hands of God. We all were. We intrinsically carry the image of The Creator AND we are loved by the creator. Every. Single. One of us.

When we finally embrace that we are loved by God, the healing journey can begin. It seems simple, yet it eludes us. And so we must go back to the basics time and time again: Jesus loves me this I know...

Healing happens when we allow ourselves to re-align with our true identity; when we remember that we were made well by a God who calls us his Beloved.

A Deeper Look At Made Well - Episode 2

How are you expecting God to divinely show up in your situation? And what happens if that looks different than you imagined? Join me as we look at the life of Naaman (2 Kings 5:1-19) and think about healing that happens in all the ways I don’t want it to (you know—the backwards, upside down, unexpected, ordinary, dip-your-body-in-the-river-seven-times kind of surprising ways).

A Deeper Look at Made Well - Episode 1

For the next three weeks, I want to invite you to go deeper into a few of the themes found in Made Well. This week we will talk about Abigail (1 Samuel 25) and consider what it means to be a person who doesn't waste time and shows up in the lives of others at a moments notice. I’m grateful for the many people who have jumped into my family’s story and given us life. Who have your ‘soul nurses’ been and how have they shaped your journey?

No One Prays For Worm Poop

Have you been on the fence about pre-ordering a copy of my new book, Made Well? Wondering who the book is for, what it’s all about and if it even applies to your life right now? 

If so, let me tell you who this book is for…

Made Well is for anyone on the life-long journey of being made whole—it is for all of us

I tell a story in the book about meeting Jimmy-the-worm-farmer on a particularly horrible day. The prayers I prayed that day weren’t answered in the way I had hoped. But years later, what I remember most, is Jimmy and his unbridled joy for worm poop. I’ve never laughed as hard as I did that day in his tent, on the side of a Montana knoll, dodging a rainstorm with my hands shoved into his giant bag of worm poop. I laughed till I cried. It absolutely wasn't the miracle I prayed for—but it was a miracle all the same.

The truth is, no one prays for worm poop.  

We pray for big, bold miracles. Happily-ever-afters. We pray for God to fix things and make the pain go away. 

But sometimes the pain doesn’t go away overnight and the healing doesn’t happen the way we hope it will. 

Sometimes the broken things remain broken and the miracle we pray for doesn’t come to pass. 

Yet, I believe in the midst of life’s most painful realities, God is at work healing, restoring and making us well in completely unexpected ways. Showing up at just the right moment with worm-poop and other half-baked-miracles. In my life, healing has looked more like good friends and therapists; Zoloft and chicken spaghetti; watching my daughter dance around the living room; sunsets and concert tickets; and remembering that God made me well in the first place—I am his beloved.

Made Well is for anyone who needs to be reminded that healing happens all the time, even if a cure doesn’t. 

This book is an invitation to pay attention to the small moments of grace at work around us. 

It’s about healing for ordinary people in the midst of ordinary life.  

It’s about being made well—here and now.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey.


Click image above to download an exclusive "worm poop" phone wallpaper. :-)

Click image above to download an exclusive "worm poop" phone wallpaper. :-)

Made Well

Welcome to Fall! I love new seasons—especially this one. In two short weeks my new book Made Well: Finding Wholeness in the Everyday Sacred Moments releases in bookstores across the country and I will give birth to Lucy, the newest member of our family. Talk about a season full of new beginnings!
I want to take a few minutes and tell you about Made Well and encourage you to pre-order your copies today.
Pre-ordering an author’s book is the single-most effective way to support their work—and I need your support more than ever. 
If that’s all it takes to convince you—great! Hop on over to amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com or christianbook.com and order your copies while they are still on sale for under $10! Your book will be shipped to you on or around release date, October 4th.
After ordering, make sure you head to madewellbook.com and let us know you’ve ordered the book so we can give you exclusive, pre-order freebies!

These fun perks include: video devotionals, wallpapers for your phone, alivefashionable.com discount code, invitation to a private, online book reading and mini-concert from my living room to yours, and your name entered into our Made Well Launch Week Give-Away competition (which includes a prize package valued at over $200!). 

Made Well is for anyone who needs to be reminded that healing is happening all around us. Even if the cure doesn’t come or the miracle we pray for doesn’t happen in the way we think it will, there is still wholeness to be found on the roads we never thought we would travel.
In the beginning we were made well and in the end all will be made well. But what about now? Living in between the now and the not yet, with so much brokenness around us? I believe God is at work—overtime—redeeming and restoring in a million unexpected ways. Made Well is about living with our eyes open and experiencing the healing that happens in everyday, sacred moments. 

This book is for anyone that has experienced pain, loss, heartache, mental illness or hopelessness. Anyone looking for restoration and redemption—longing to be reminded that God shows up time and time again in the most unexpected places.

I pray you will see yourself in these stories and find the freedom to laugh out loud, cry, stand in awe of God’s faithfulness and leave looking for ALL the ways God brings about healing in our hearts. May these words give you permission to walk the long, hard roads of being made well.   
Thank you for walking with me in this new season. It is no small thing to our family that you have been listening to our music and reading my words for over 15 years now. What a gift.


PS–  I am honored to share the farm’s front porch with Ann Voskamp today! You can check out an excerpt from Made Well at aholyexperience.com.