Food, Food, Food Friday...

I saw a kid put this on his plate at a recent show. Really? There are so many things wrong with this picture.

She's trying. But seriously, she is way more interested in smiling so the cereal just runs down her face while she hams it up and smiles and coos.

My new favorite cupcake place in Franklin, Tennessee. Natticakes.

I think it's probably about 1,000 calories just in the massive beautiful blob of frosting on top. I've had three this weeks. (How many chickens in Africa would that buy???)

And now folks, for my hands down favorite pastry shop in the country where you can get this amazing, hamburger size cream puff...

Mikes's Pastry in Boston. Located on Hanover Street in the North End (Little Italy) this place had a line out the door this past Saturday night. And it always does. Why? Because it is the best cannoli and best cream puff on this side of heaven. Trust me. This is the highlight of every visit to Boston.

That and eating the clam chowder at Legal Seafood. Um. I love Boston!