Baby Stuff

So a few weeks ago a man left a comment on this blog stating that he was glad it was not all girly fluff. I guess he assumed it would be about rainbows and menstrual cycles and things like that. So in honor of him, my dad, and all the other guys who support my writing endeavors I have tried to keep this site as gender neutral as possible. 
With that being said, close your ears men, this one's for the ladies!
I've had some requests for belly pictures. For those of you who have posted belly pictures on your own blog... to each his own. But I just cannot bring myself to do it. It's not that I don't think my deeply engorged stomach is beautiful, I do. But it just feels too special to put online... I kind of like that she is mine and there are parts of her I don't want to share with anyone. Selfish, I know. Plus, lets be honest... there are guys on here.
So here's the best I can do. A picture of my belly before going to a Christmas party. This was taken December 2nd and I swear I have grown a third butt and gotten twelve pounds heavier since then.   So keep that in mind! 

My sweet friends at Irving Bible Church threw me the cutest baby shower!!! This girl better like pink...

My friends (and hostess' Amy, Kelly, Allison, and Jackie)
Some of the great gifts we got...
My best friend from high school, Brandi, gave me ALL her little girl's clothes. This child must have twelve grandparents and a ton of baby-loving family because I washed five full loads of outfits and cannot find enough room in the closet for everything. Thanks Branflake, you literally saved me hundreds of dollars!!! And I was going to wrap Anniston in my own cheap, hand-made sheets and pillow cases (don't put it past me),  but now she will actually be in style! 
Finally, ladies, I think someone ought to tell you mother-virgins the truth. 
I feel the same way I did when I found out there was no Santa Clause. First, I cried. Then, I got angry that I was duped for so long. Finally, I knew I had to tell my sisters. It's like a sisterhood bond that has to be followed, you tell everything you know. 
So let me de-bunk some things. 
I have seventeen weeks to go and I am not "glowing."  Moms who have kids past college age like to tell you that being pregnant was the best time of their lives. They were glowing and angelic, happy, and sweet, and loved every minute of it (and by the way, they raised their kids without Boppy's and organic food, so don't go there with them). I think twenty years must have made them forget some of the real side effects of the alien baby growing inside of them..
I have had pimples for four months straight. Every time I floss my teeth my gums bleed like they have toothpicks stuck in them. I have buggers. All the time. Bloody noses, which I have never, ever had, and there are strange little bumps on my body.  I sweat in my sleep and I cry when I watch the new American Express commercials about freedom. And my butt hurts. I don't know why, but when I sit down it just aches and so does everything else. And these are just the things I can say out loud. If you want to know the gross stuff, ask your mom or sister, or my Aunt Tata... she'll tell you the truth.   
So yes, having a little person growing inside of me is a beautiful miracle. To feel her kick is the most amazing feeling in the world.  The whole process leaves me in awe. But, let's not get too carried away here. No one ever told me my gums would bleed buggers. Yours will too. 
Anyways, that's all the baby updates I have on Anniston and I. Don't be afraid of having a baby, I am not trying to instill fear in you, however, it's not all glowing and angel-y and stuff. And someone should tell you.