Our Schedule

Our schedule this past week:

Monday- Drive 7 hours from North Carolina to Louisville, Kentucky. 7pm flight home to Dallas. Time change. Home at 10 pm.

Tuesday- Voted. Had the biggest breakfast ever with my parents. Doctor. The baby is still alive. This was a huge concern for me because I was completely exhausted and I was sure I had killed him. That little heart was pounding away though. We find out if it's a boy or girl on Dec.8th. Went on a real date. Perfect.

Wednesday- laid on the couch for a ridiculous amount of time reading girl magazines. Laundry. Made spaghetti for dinner. Packed. I HATE packing. So tired of it. Bed by 10 pm.

Thursday- Wake-up 5am. Leave house at 5:30 am. 7am flight to Louisville. 2 hour drive to Indiana. Sound check, show, etc. 2 hour drive back to Louisville. At hotel by 12:45 pm. In bed by 1am. Wake up at 5:00 am. Leave 5:30 am for airport. 6:45 am flight to Dallas. Dallas to Lubbock. Lubbock at 10am and they have lost my suitcase. Go get lunch, kill an hour, my luggage shows up. Drive two hours to Hobbs, New Mexico. Sound check, dinner, show (third time zone of the day). Leave and drive back to Lubbock. In bed by 1 am.

Friday- Wake up 4:30 am. Leave for airport at 5am. 6:30 am flight to Dallas. Dallas to Louisville. Louisville by noon. Again, third time zone of the day. 2 hour drive to Cincinnati, Ohio. And then heaven. Hyatt Place Hotel by 3 pm. Napped from 3-7. Dinner at Maggiano's. And then back in bed by 9pm.

Today- Woke up at 10 am. Yes, that was 12 hours of sleep. Drove two hours to Lima, Ohio and saw snow. Big, huge snow flurries coming down. Amazing. Now I am tucked in my bed waiting to go back to the venue and as I reviewed the last few days in my head I thought..."oh my gosh. We are insane."

Tomorrow is just a seven hour drive to Nashville. Our second home. There, we will be fed and we will do laundry and we will stay in a real house, with real people, and feel like we are just having a day off at home. And then...it's back to the grind.

Anyways, that's a look into the life of a not-so-rock star.