Only in Texas

Hi friends! Sorry for the long delay in writing. Remind me in the future if I am tempted to "pray for fire" that I am an idiot. Who prays for drama and action? And why does God answer that prayer but not, "Dear God please send me a check for a million dollars?"
Needless to say, I have not had much down time on tour and I am exhausted. I begged the guys to let me take an afternoon off and skip sound check so I could come to the hotel and sleep. And here I am feeling guilty about not writing you and avoiding my nap. I am not entirely writing out of guilt though! I have so many places and experiences to talk about that I feel like I am about to burst.
So first, let me just give you some pictures I took on our Texas run.

Yep, pico de gallo for my ribs, white bread in a baggie, and a small beer cooler filled with ice in a rib shack we found in the middle of nowhere. Only in Texas.

My heavy eyes are getting the better of me already and this bed is surprisingly amazing. Just consider this the smoke signal that I am still alive.