I Tried to Hold it In...

But, how bout' them COWBOYS???

I decided to try ever so hard to spare you the riveting details of my obsessive football watching season, but after a game like tonight, I am giving in at week two. 

Cowboys played the Eagles, a classic division rival, at home tonight in a game that would convert anyone over to football. If there is an ounce of competition in you, an ounce that loves sports, or any part of you that likes a hard, fair fight; whether you like football or not, you would have LOVED tonight's game. 
With a final score of 41-37 (What, is this basketball? What kind of crazy high numbers are those?) this game was neck in neck and full of passion. Minus a small lull of action in the third quarter I would say most of Dallas residents had exceptionally high blood pressure for three hours tonight! 
My analysis? I know, just what you want from a girl who sings and writes stories about cupcakes and old people and watching clouds... so, my unsolicited, unqualified analysis? 
The NFC East is A-MAZING this year. Though Tony Romo did fumble in the end zone and give away a touchdown (a scary flashback to years prior) he was able to regain his confidence and think well under pressure. And our offense is stacked!  Marion Barber, Terrell Owens, Jason Witten, Felix Jones, Patrick Crayton, and my favorite little Flozel Adams; is it even legal to have so many good players? Our defense did great tonight too with Demarcus Ware and Adam Jones and the whole crew laying people out left and right (ok, and missing quite a few people too...like quarterback Donovan McNabb who ran in a few first downs himself) and not wearing down until the bitter end. This is the dream team people! 
Bottom line: This is going to be an exciting football season. For the Cowboys. For the NFC east. For the NFL. And this is a key game they will be talking about when we try to win our first play-off game in December. 
If only Madden were around tonight to give out his horse trailer award. I would give it to our new running back Felix Jones who ran in a 98 yard return and proved all the people wrong who thought he wasn't the right draft pick. Now that was perfect poetic justice and amazing athleticism all in one. 
See? This is the stuff good novels are made of.  
OK. I am a dork who knows so little about the sport. I will be quiet. But dang, thank you God for FOOTBALL! For fall! For good weather and pick up games and apple pies and thanksgiving and pretty leaves falling off the trees and family and FOOTBALL!