A Big Day!

Dear Friends,

Almost six year leading up to this day. One year in the making. 130 songs written. 3 months in the studio (and 3 months sleeping in our manager's house). One single on the charts for 12 weeks...already at number three and over 167,000 copies of our single downloaded on iTunes. One self-titled album. And 5 very, very, excited Addison Road members would like to remind you...

That today, March 18th, our BRAND-NEW, label debut is finally in stores!!!


If ever there were a time to support us, today is the day! Is begging allowed? If so, please pick-up a copy of the new self-titled album, Addison Road today!!! Our single, “All That Matters”, is doing wonderful on radio (thanks to you guys) and now we need to make our album sales just as successful. It is important for us to sell as many copies as we can this first week out!

So here's how you can support us:

-You can currently purchase our new album from iTunes for only $7.99! Incredible!

Just know that today we are celebrating as a band because this marks a big day for us. What a huge reminder that six years ago we were not following some crazy dream straight out of college, but that God was leading us, creating a journey for us that we knew nothing about...He had a plan and purpose, as He has for your life too. We are grateful today that He has led us here and that we get to do what we love for a living and for His glory.

We hope the new album inspires you, encourages you, brings you hope, makes you sing out loud, draws you into worship, and that you love the new artistic edge we have leaned into.

We are so grateful to have such amazing fans, friends, and family...without which we could not do any of this!!!

Happy Release Day!!!