Would You Believe??? or For the Skeptics...

The band was presented with a pretty cool offer on Friday. Unfortunately this offer comes with as many positives as negatives, as many fears as excitements, and as many hard decisions as we have ever had to make as a band! And though I love my parents, seeking their wisdom first landed me with lots of..."NO,NO,NO's." That means they are being good parents and looking out for our best interests, they of course err on the side of caution, as no good parent wants to see their baby hurt.

So how to make such a huge decision??? We are at a loss. We immediately started emailing some of our most trusted friends, family, and spiritual leaders seeking their prayers, wisdom and council as we make this decision over the next week or so. Still receiving quite mixed messages from our sources of earthly wisdom I drove to bible study tonight asking God for answers.

God how do we know? Is it your will or ours? Is it really a big deal or can we treat it lightly? Is it given to us from you? If we follow it are we following our own desires? What are we supposed to do??? So many questions, I am not even sure how I drove there, I just arrived in a state of prayer.

Jackie, our pastor got up to preach and she said...."So tonight we look at wisdom and I want to explore wisdom as it pertains to making huge, important decisions. How do we make these decisions? Are they from God? What do we follow? How do we know for sure?"

And word for word she repeated every prayer I had asked God in the car. And point by point, she answered my questions. God answered my questions.

Turns out He really does listen. Just in case you have forgotten as I often do. I asked. I received. And in abnormally record time (which means God truly understands that we are really on a three day deadline and I needed wisdom, like, quickly...now, tonight). I could not help but smile and shake my head the whole way through as I vigorously took notes.

So praise the Lord of Heaven who the angels worship tonight and the Lord of earth who walks alongside of us and shines a light on our very personal paths. The God that knows my name tonight.

Thank you father for always being faithful to me. I love you.