Juno Movie Review

The new movie Juno is a MUST see. It is deeply spirited, funny, personal, challenging, and witty. I laughed. I cried for several of the characters. I smiled. I thought deeply. I laughed out loud some more. I left happy. The acting is superb. The story line is new, fresh, realistic, and timely. It is humorous, beautiful, tragic, and endearing all in the same breath. And really, did I mention the acting is brilliant on all levels? Well, it is, the acting is brilliant!

Parents will love it, teenagers will totally relate to it, and people like me who are neither will remember what it felt like to be in high school and either long for the day when they are parents, or be scared to death! You will, in some quirky way, fall in love with Juno, the girl who made a bad choice, tried to right her wrongs, and was more strong than a 16 year old should have to be... all the while making you laugh, smile, and cry. Great holiday movie.