Part Indian

I was born on an Indian reservation.
Well, OK, not an actual Indian reservation, I just lived there the first few months of my life. I was born in a hospital, taken back to the reservation, and passed around in a ritual service with all the women of the tribe who each took a turn sucking on my first pacifier, sticking it in sugar, and then sticking it in my mouth while giving me a traditional blessing. Is that legal? I mean, I know she was a new mom and all, but you think after the 5th lady sucked on the same pacifier and stuck it in my mouth she might be a little concerned about germs or cooties and would've snatched me up before I went through 20 more women. Anyone want to give my new born infant baby your salvia, spit, and an extra dose of refined white sugar to give her a good start in this world???

Sure. What the whole tribe of women wants to come? YES! The more saliva in my new baby, the merrier!!!

Anyways, after I was passed around the circle I was presented with my own pair of moccasin shoes and given a Native American name. I am not sure what it was, but I suppose it was probably, Big Mouth, Big eater, Deep thinker...I'm pretty sure the deep thinker part has got to be accurate.

So I'd like to think that my eight weeks of life spent on the Indian reservation outside of Alburquerque, New Mexico made me some sort of mystic or at least a true New Mexican at heart. Growing up we would visit and go to the hot air balloon festival or visit the cliff dwellings and climb all through the mountains and watch the most beautiful sunsets ever made in the history of the world. It became an enchanted magical little world that I loved.

This weekend Ryan and I are visiting our good friends in Deming, New Mexico and it sort of feels like home. I'm not going to visit any Indian reservations or casino's or anything, no saliva rituals, but I would like to take this moment to make sure that everyone knows I was born here and make sure you know you should visit before you die. I guess I just wanted to wish you all a good weekend and tell you that I will be loving every minute of mine. I will be gorging myself on Mexican food (and since we are only 30 minutes from the border of Mexico...I am talking real Mexican food), watching really pretty sunsets, and doing normal friend, like right now we are reading jokes from Readers Digest and getting ready to play 42 and cook dinner...and I am desperatly hoping to convince everyone to go with me to try and find aliens at Area 51, seriouslly, we all know there are aliens there.

Cowboys bout' to go 13-1. Have a good weekend.