Jenny's Holiday Favorites

Call me Oprah because I am about to start giving you my Holiday Favorites! Except, I am not actually giving them to you, just bringing them to your attention! So here we go!
Feel free to leave comments and add your favorites to the list!

Bing Crosby's White Christmas, a must have for every home and music collection. I like to listen to this album with all the lights out, and just the Christmas tree lights on and a good fire.

Maybe the selfish horrible part of me related to the Grinch growing up, I am not sure, but for some reason this always stuck out as the most profound Christmas book. To see one man so completely changed. It is sort of the story of Christmas, why we celebrate a little baby who came into the world...because he alone had the power to change people's hearts. Anyways...Jim Carry makes the movie perfect, but don't forget about the book, it is a classic Christmas story that should be read around every fireplace and living room that celebrates Christmas!

My dad used to ask for Popcorn balls when we were little, which is cute, since it is the only thing we could afford with our saved quarters. Popcorn balls just feel festive, and who can celebrate without the classic holiday tins filled with cheddar, caramel, and butter popcorn? I tried Oprah's favorite popcorn place in Chicago, but I have to say, POPCORN PAPA in Richardson, TX is hands down the best popcorn ever!!! Even better than Oprah's favorite Garrett's popcorn! The best part is that their prices are reasonable, their portions are huge, their caramel corn to die for, they have tons of holiday popcorn balls, and cute gifts, and they deliver all over the country!!!

tell them jenny sent you!

Holidays are not complete without a time tested Holiday beverage. Since I have previously worked at Starbucks for a collective two years; I consider myself a drink snob...something I am not proud of. Still, I know my beverages pretty well and after making up lots of my own "classic Jenny Starbucks drinks" and visiting every coffee house in every city I go to, I have to say, the best drink served anywhere, in my opinion, is the Border's Triple Chocolate Hot Chocolate. Trust me, to die for. And if you have have a Border's reward card (you can get these for free at any store) go online and register it and you will receive a coupon for a free small drink. So you can try it out for free!

Want your house to smell like Christmas? This Bath and Body works Slatkin&Company Holiday Spice Candle is absolutely amazing. I don't actually have one...but I have probably been Christmas shopping 30 times since October (our mall has a park in the middle of it, so I often go to sit outside and read...I am not really shopping for presents that often!!!) and every time I go to the mall I spend about ten minutes in Bath and Body Works sniffing this candle. The employees ask if I need help or if I'd like to buy the new candle. In my mind I say..."it is $16.50!!!! No way I am buying that candle, i will just sit here and sniff it until I am dizzy." Still, if candles or an amazing spicy cinnamon Holiday smell are your weak spots then this candle is worth it!!! It is the best Holiday candle I have ever smelled.

This amazing little book is one of the most beautiful and funny Christmas tales ever written. As a kid growing up we always did this as a play in our church around Christmas time. I've acted in it so many times that I have it memorized! Yet I still laugh and cry every time I read it. Among the many weird things my family does like singing our favorite hymns together (known as a hymn fest, except it is not in a church, just in our living room, which I am convinced makes us terribly dorky) we also read this book together once a year. Together. Out loud. We take turns reading it out loud in different voices. I admit, I hate it at first. It is sort of embarrassing, especially now that all the husbands, people from the real world, have been brought in. But give it a few chapters, and we are all secretly loving it.