Cupcakes, Sprinkles, and Other Happy Things

Letter from a New Kindergartener

I DON’T LIKE  kindergarten.

I have to wake up early every single day and brush my teeth.
I have to put on real clothes and my hair can’t look like a rat’s nest.
I have to remember to get rid of face crustys and eye buggers.
I have to have uniform shirts that are clean and not wrinkled.
And no they can’t be worn inside out *in a pinch.*
I have to make a lunch every single morning.
And it has to come across as “healthy” or I get the stink eye from the teacher.
I have to be on time. Like, it’s not an option. On. Time. Every. Day.
There’s even a bell! It’s judging me! It freaks me out!
I only have 5 excused absences for the entire year.
What about my birthday? Cinco De Mayo? Or snuggle days at home? Five days?!?
Now, I have to make up a fake doctor and a fake illness.
It’s the only way to squeeze a few more days out of this system.
I have to meet new people.
Most of them are too happy, too weird, or don’t follow the rules.

About Jenny

It’s in the fear and the famine. In the taste of bitterness and the feeling of despair. It’s found at rock bottom and the rope’s end. It’s defeat and dry, desert wasteland. Empty hands and frayed edges. Long nights and desperate prayers. It’s the midnight before the sunrise. The middle. The in-between. Jenny Simmons, former lead singer of Addison Road, much prefers to simply call it the becoming. A time of growth; a journey of self-discovery and a path of unanswered questions. Continue reading

The Becoming
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